Universal Entertainment



"All in the name of fun."

Our company's brand slogan of "All in the name of fun" puts our sentiment that all of our activities is to instill feelings of "This is fun!". Our high-quality products and services and greater corporate activities continue to deliver on this promise.

In 2009, thanks to our royal shareholders, users, and other supporters, we commemorated our 40th anniversary, upon which we renamed ourselves "Universal Entertainment Corporation." We continuously intend to fulfill expectations through inspiring notions of "This is fun!" and further pursuing high-quality entertainment.

Keeping our core business of Pachislot and Pachinko in line with the dramatic changes that characterize the market is no easy feat. Yet, we proudly believe that our established experience, together with our planning and development capability, is uncontested.Through using data gathering and analysis to incorporate market trends and needs into R&D,and creating machines that both feature superior payout performance and satisfy player sand parlors alike, we shall remain focused on developing the industry.

Overseas, we are currently making steady progress on our Philippine Casino Resort Project. Convinced that the entertainment industry in Asia will continue to grow, we shall work toward the creation of our casino which will boast a luxurious hotel, one of the world largest fountains and many other entertainment facilities. We strongly believe that this new casino will take advantage to complete alter existing preconceptions of casinos, and is bound to charm visitors from all over the world.

We see our mission as providing sound entertainment that transcends the likes of age,gender and national borders to people all over the world. Please continue to look forward to the new value that "This is fun!" drives us to create.

Jun Fujimoto
Representative Director and President
Universal Entertainment Corporation