Universal Entertainment


Corporate History

1969 12 Established for the purpose of leasing jukeboxes.
1970 7 Commenced manufacture of amusement machines.
1971 10 Changed trade name to Universal Co., Ltd.
1973 6 Spun off Sales Division.
1975 5 Changed trade name to Universal Sales Co., Ltd.
9 Built new factory in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture that subsequently commenced full-scale production of various game machines.
1979 1 Spun off Development Division.
1980 3 Constructed new factory located in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture (Oyama Factory No. 2). Expanded production to include Pachislot machines for the entertainment and amusement industry.
1988 4 Procured factory in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture and commenced production of amusement machines.
1993 4 Merged
1998 4 Universal Technos Co., Ltd. absorbed Universal Sales Co., Ltd. in merger and changed trade name to ARUZE CORP. Relocated head office to Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
9 Registered shares on over-the-counter market of Japan Securities Dealers Association (JASDAQ).
1999 8 Built new factory in Yotsukaido, Chiba Prefecture (current Pachislot and Pachinko machine manufacturing site).
2000 10 Acquired shares of ARUZE USA, Inc. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
ARUZE USA, Inc. invested in Valvino Lamore, LLC.
2002 9 All capital holdings of Valvino Lamore, LLC were invested in kind to Wynn Resorts, Limited.
2004 6 Obtained gaming machine manufacturer's license (for 2-year term).
12 Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
2005 3 Wynn Resorts, Limited and its subsidiary obtained license for casino operation in the State of Nevada. ARUZE was approved as a qualified shareholder.
4 Wynn Las Vegas opened.
2006 7 Obtained gaming machine manufacturer's license renewable without limitation in the State of Nevada.
9 Wynn Macau opened.
2008 6 Made transition to company with committees.
8 Obtained provisional license to operate casino resort in the Philippines.
12 Encore at Wynn Las Vegas opened.
2009 11 Changed trade name to Universal Entertainment Corporation.
2010 3 Universal Entertainment's casino project (Manila Bay Resorts) was designated as a special economic zone.
Foreign capital restrictions on casino businesses in the Philippines were lifted for the project.
4 Encore at Wynn Macau opened.
Listed on Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ following the merger of Osaka Securities Exchange and JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
6 Made transition to company with board of auditors.
2012 1 Manila Bay Resorts Project's groundbreaking ceremony held in Manila.
2013 7 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (standard) following the integration of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
10 Okada Museum of Art opened at Hakone.
2014 6 Okada Museum of Art formed sister partnership with Liu Hai Su Art Museum, a national museum of art in China.
2016 3 Established joint venture "ZEEG Co. Ltd" with Sammy Corporation.
7 The casino resort project in the Philippines was officially named OKADA MANILA®.
12 Acquired license to operate casino at OKADA MANILA®.
Commenced operation of casino.
2017 3 Completed construction of the world's largest multi-color fountains "The Fountain" at OKADA MANILA®.
12 Cove Manila, covered by an enormous glass dome, started operating at OKADA MANILA®.
2018 12 Completed construction of Tower A at OKADA MANILA®.
2019 7 Started selling the Multi Currency System, an automated foreign exchange system for casino equipment, and the Slot Program Play System, customer special benefit system created exclusively for casino slot machines.