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Online Pachislot business by entities/ organizations unrelated to our company

Thank you for your continuous use of our products.

Recently, we have confirmed that an entity/organization that is unrelated to our company is preparing for or conducting an online casino business such as online Pachislot under the name "Techno Gaming."

The website that was supposedly launched by the unrelated entity/organization relating to its online Pachislot business states that the entity/organization "plans to purchase online Pachinko game software legally through direct dealings with machine manufacturers." Furthermore, another related website refers to the Pachislot machines manufactured by our company in connection with the online Pachislot, and contains a statement that amusement equipment used for the online Pachislot is "authorized by amusement equipment manufacturers."

However, our company has no relationship whatsoever with the entity/organization described above or its business, and has not authorized the same entity/organization and/or any other entities/organizations, to use our online software for amusement equipment manufactured by our company in connection with online casino businesses.

Our company will continue to investigate this matter and consider taking appropriate legal action, if necessary.

In addition, physical explanatory materials regarding online Pachislot businesses under the names of "IoT Amusement CITY" or "NESTA Blockchain Platform" have been distributed in Pachislot halls by another entity/organization that is unrelated to our company. Our company is not involved in any of these businesses.

Thank you.

September 29, 2020
Universal Entertainment Corporation